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Why Does Music Sounds Better With Weed?

Why Does Music Sounds Better With Weed?

Well, to be honest most things are better when you’re high on cannabis, but especially music sounds heavenly. Whether you’re at home lying on the couch or out at a concert with friends, cannabis and music is unquestionably a match made in heaven. So, how does music feel so amazing when we’re high? There are several potential theories to clarify this hypothesis.

Research about music and weed?

Since music is widely commended for its therapeutic attributes, regular cannabis consumers claim that music sounds a lot better when you’re stoned. Ever since the legality of cannabis in major parts of the world, it’s been undergoing trials and hefty research to test nearly a thousand theories related to it. It seems that weed affects the part of the brain that is responsible for processing auditory sensations. The participants when introduced to cannabis were able to recognize sound variations and other patterns in music more intensely. They also experienced enhanced rhythmic sound and better retention towards song lyrics.


Test subjects from some of the cannabis/music experiments also underwent a neurological condition known as Synesthesia. Weed induces a spike in brain function, something we don’t usually see in some regions of the brain. It also enables the brain’s structures to be more malleable, allowing certain people to connect the dots in a way they wouldn’t usually be able to. Basically, synesthetes are able to sense music differently and more intensely. They may perceive music as images or illustrations.

A further explanation

Another possibility is that weed impairs the brain’s capacity to differentiate between meaningful and unnecessary stimuli. As a result, participants according to the above mentioned research claimed that they found slight variations in pitch that they had previously been unable to identify. In fact, when the participants closed their eyes, they appeared to be able to organize items by tone, seeing colors and notes rather than abstract structures.

Stress relief

One thing common between weed and music is that they both can act as stress relievers. Weed is able to unlock the doors that encourage you to cherish music in a more intense dimension while calming your nerves and spirit. It sets your mind free from the pressure of work or relationships. Therefore, allowing you to concentrate on the rhythm, harmony, notes and other things associated with music.

While cannabis rejuvenates the mind, music rejuvenates the soul

Some phenomenal pieces of music were composed under the influence of some drug or another. Many artists preferred it this way to more intensely feel which set of rhythm goes best with the tempo. Hence, it can be said that music sounds way better under the influence of weed because maybe it was meant to be that way. However, every theory associated with cannabis is still under trials and testing until a sufficient amount of factual evidence doesn’t prove otherwise.

Does music induce a high?

It is very apparent and unquestionable that weed induces a high. This high is empowered by the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content in weed.  So is it possible that music may produce something similar? Since music rewards our brain with dopamine, it emits a feeling of contentment within us which is very identical to what a “high” may feel like. It’s safe to say that weed produces a pharmaceutically induced high while music induces a natural one. This explanation of the phenomenon is by far the simplest and most convincing from all the aforementioned theories. Whatever feelings music and weed may render, the important thing is that they both make us feel like we’re floating in the air.

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