Celebrating 35 years!

Keeping the world
high since 1985

Hunter’s is all about

“Providing service with a smile,
offering the best quality around town,
so that you have the perfect experience”

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Hunter’s Story

The story of Hunter’s began in 1985.
Not with coffee, but with a dog…

Our locations

We have 1 bar and 6 coffeeshops in the centre
North & West of Amsterdam, Zandvoort and Haarlem.
Above all, we still make it happen, see you soon!


Hunter’s Coffeeshop

Stationsstraat 9-11

Mon – Sun
07:00 – 01:00


Hunter’s Coffeeshop

Schoterweg 66

Mon – Sun
07:00 – 01:00


Hunter’s Coffeeshop

Orteliusstraat 193
Amsterdam West

Mon – Sun
07:00 – 01:00


Hunter’s Coffeeshop

Papaverweg 2
Amsterdam Noord

Mon – Sun
07:00 – 01:00

Hunter’s Wiki

We would like to provide good and reliable information
about Cannabis to create a save and secure environment
for our visitors. That’s why we created our own Hunter Wiki to raise awareness.

Shop & Bar Guidelines

At Hunter’s we aim to create a transparant environment.
Having fun and a great experience is what everyone wants.
To maintain this we have some house rules.

We sell awesome merchandise!

Hunter’s Blog

Be inspired and read our awesome blogs

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