Celebrating 35 years!

Keeping the world high since 1985


Hunter’s is all about

“Providing service with a smile,
offering the best quality around town,
so that you have the perfect experience”

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Hunter’s Story

The story of Hunter’s began in 1985.
Not with coffee, but with a dog…

Our locations

We have 2 bars and 6 coffeeshops located in the Centre,
North & West of Amsterdam, Zandvoort and Haarlem.
Above all we’re still making it happen, see you soon!

Hunter’s Wiki

We would like to provide good and reliable information
about Cannabis to create a save and secure environment
for our visitors. That’s why we created our own
Hunter Wiki to raise awareness.

Shop & Bar guidelines

At Hunter’s we aim to create a transparant environment.
Having fun and a great experience is what everyone wants.
To maintain this we have some house rules.

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