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Cannabis – potential health benefits and inspiration

Cannabis – potential health benefits and inspiration

The medicinal value of herbs has long been accepted. Even before the advent of allopathic medicines, herbal medicines were effectively used by medical experts to treat several ailments and they continue to be essential ingredients of various medicines to date – cannabis being no exception. Amidst all the debates on harms and risks associated with its use, the latest studies are suggesting that calculated amounts of cannabis have numerous health benefits and can be effectively used for treating a good number of health conditions.

Here is a brief description of some common potential health benefits of cannabis.

Pain relief

The use of cannabis for chronic pain relief is one of the most significant factors of cannabis health uses. Chronis pains like migraine, arthritis, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and others are major causes of disability among adults throughout the world. Careful consumption of cannabis foods can help individuals with these conditions to overcome the pain and continue with their daily life routines and perform their tasks effectively. Cannabis relieves the pain by changing the neurological pathways of the receptors that trigger pain sensation in the brain. Especially long term use among CBD users shows a positive effect.

Boosts creativity

Cannabis is believed to be a psychoactive plant and has been long used for recreational purposes. It boosts creativity for some users and could improve focus when using the right strains. Particularly for artists and craftsmen,  a calculated dose leads to better creative flow and improves work efficiency. It is the Sativa dominant strains that stimulate these effects. Due to higher THC levels in the buds and less of the relaxing CBD.

Mental and Neurological health

Mental and neurological health issues are a gift of modern metropolitan life to mankind. Ranging from anxiety and depression to severe conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Cannabis has been found to have positive effects in providing relief to such conditions and mitigating the symptoms. However, behavioral approaches, counseling, and other medicines work in combination to combat severe mental and neurological disorders.

Epilepsy is one common neurological disorder characterized by painful seizures.  Medical science has been struggling to invest in drugs that can control seizures effectively. Lately, the use of CBD in cannabis has been found to have an impact on controlling seizures and is being used in the treatment of epileptic patients. 


Here at Hunter’s, we are not medical professionals, we write about studies and official reports we have read. If you encounter medical issues, please see a medical professional. 

Aid during cancer treatment

Some studies have shown that cannabis can be effective in hindering the growth of some cancers and killing some cancerous cells. However, its major role lies in combating the symptoms that are caused by conventional cancer treatment i.e. chemotherapy. Vomiting and nausea are common occurrences during chemotherapy and cannabis help mitigate or even elevate these symptoms.

Summing up

As cliché as it sounds, excess of everything is bad. Likewise for cannabis, if consumed unregulated, it can have some harmful effects. Nonetheless, its potential health benefits have been established by research and its role as an important therapeutic herb cannot be undermined. That’s why here at Hunter’s we provide the highest quality cannabis, since 1985.

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