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Changes in the Legality of Weed

Changes in the Legality of Weed

Marijuana is perhaps the most widely used interdicted drug in the world. This statement has been cancelled out, or at least modified since the recent legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in most parts of the world. Cannabis is evidently gaining profound recognition ever since ample lab researches have depicted it to be the possible stress reliever and antidote for some medical problems.

Some of the conditions marijuna is helping people with are: skin problems, cardio-vascular difficulties, chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, insomnia and most importantly: mental health complexities. You name it.

However, cannabis is not yet completely legal in the world for all the obvious reasons. So if you plan on growing your own little secret garden, be warned that cannabis renders a very overpowering odor that might attract your neighbors or even the cops! Here in the Netherlands there are strict laws concerning growing your own plants. But luckily here at Hunter’s we never compromise on quality and are fully stocked so you know what to expect.

Historical Overview of Cannabis Legalization

The legalization of cannabis in the US was first proposed in 1993 by former US Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders. Her notion behind the bid was to decrease the crimes followed by drug possession and sales especially among children. It is indeed uncanny how her own son was caught up in a scandal of outlawed drug vending strangely in the very next week after she extended the proposal. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana and other states followed suit. The US has Medical Marijuana Laws (MML) to restrict the abundant usage of marijuana to maintain harmony with the global treaties in accordance with the cause. These laws allow a certain proportion of cannabis that can be consumed in a defined proportion of time. Tracking your cannabis intake is exceedingly endorsed.

Aside from the US, in 2013, Uruguay was the first country to legitimize marijuana. Canada approved of marijuana in 2018 after Uruguay. Various research has demonstrated that marijuana usage could lead to endangering consequences like abuse and addiction, subsequently possession is sanctioned only with a doctor’s prescription preeminently around the globe.   

In Asia, Thailand initiated to diminish cannabis laws in early 2019. Some of the other countries jumped on the same bandwagon in the months that followed. Dzulkefly Ahmad, Malaysia’s Health Minister made a witty statement during the entire state of affairs: He noted that:

Though drugs destroyed many lives, wrongheaded governmental policies have destroyed many more.”

Laws in the Netherlands

As cannabis isn’t completely legalized in the Netherlands, it is allowed to buy and smoke weed. The Netherlands has been one of the first western countries to allow a certain amount of cannabis possession. Just make sure to obey the law and get the best quality cannabis at Hunter’s Coffeeshop.

From Taboo Topic to Hottest on Trending

Cannabis rose from being a controversial topic to become the subject of debate globally since its medicinal benefits (backed up by concrete factual evidence) were disclosed to the public. The general public, the youth and capitalists to be particular are now endorsing the use of weed to persuade more people to board the bandwagon.

Legalization of Cannabis Spawns a Whole New Industry for Economic Recovery

An emerging market of medical cannabis businesses such as those seeking to explore and produce marijuana medical products, those functioning to cultivate and sell weed, as well as so many others has been ignited by legalization of cannabis. It has given birth to a whole new demographic by generating employment, investment opportunities, tax accumulation, and whatnot. From the pace of recognition that cannabis is gaining, it’s safe to say it may become the most money-making industry of the world in the course of the next ten or five years.

The Bottom Line

The stardom of Marijuana has spread like wildfire, but globally. Critics condemn the legalization of weed saying it’ll profusely increase drug usage in teens leading to harmful and life-altering outcomes. Even so, economists believe it’s been the key to economic retrieval. It has also seemingly mitigated drug trafficking and crime overall.

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