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How to recognize good weed

How to recognize good weed

Either if you buy or grow your own weed, it’s important to recognize high-quality buds. This way you know what you’re dealing with instead of smoking anything that gets you slightly high. Due to the fact weed is unfortunately still not legal in most countries, companies and governments are not able to provide us with independent quality control. So it’s beneficial to know how to actually recognize good weed. Activate your senses and start with your own quality control!


The most important question you have to ask yourself about color is: does the bud looks as if it comes from a healthy cannabis plant? If you already have some experience, this is, of course, easier to determine what to look for, than if you are an inexperienced user.

High-quality cannabis should also have a beautiful green color. The exact shade can vary from light green to dark green, but at all times green. Do you detect brown tones on/in your buds? Then there is a very good chance that you are dealing with either old weed or even weed that contains bud rot. Purple, pink and blue tones are a bit more normal in your buds, this is mostly due to the genetics of the weed species and is therefore only for the visual aspect. It doesn’t necessarily make the weed better or worse.

Important for visual inspection:
Low-quality buds have a predominantly brown, yellow, red, or even white color. Good weed is mainly green in color, with a wide variety of undertones and accent colors. Also, higher-quality weed has more visible crystals on the surface called trichomes. 


Well-grown weed should always spread a typical, somewhat pungent, cannabis smell. A skunky fragrance that ranges from a slightly sweet smell and earthy and diesel-like aromas. These aromas are an indication of weed with a high content of terpenes. Lower quality weed often lacks a tasty smell. You’ll smell a musty hay smell.

Not only does the fragrance of the weed tells you the quality but, you can also use the fragrance to get an idea of what kind of weed you are dealing with. If you don’t remember exactly what you have in your hands. Rich scents of (slightly bitter) coffee and chocolate are a typical indication for Indica weed varieties. While acidic notes in the aroma, such as citrus and fruity berry fragrances,  indicate Sativa weed varieties. Today there are also many hybrids, which often combine these aromas into one type of weed. In fact almost all of the species all hybrids in some way. 


As a rule of thumb: pure indica (or predominantly indicia) weed usually forms compact and dense buds. Buds of sativas can be slightly airier and fluffy. Hybrids often strive for a perfect combination of these two and, can contain both properties. However, an almost pure indica pot variety can also form airy buds, often a sign of a not so successful culture. So for a Sativa it is normal to have slightly more airy buds, but if it’s a good quality they are still quite packed. The structure is finished by correct moisture content. Well ripened weed feels crunchy/hard, let itself crumble well. However, too dry weed is not good either, because then you crumble it into powder in no time. Weed which is too moist can be recognized by the fact that the twig of the top does not knack and break when you bend it, but bends it. 


Either if you roll a joint/blunt or use a bong or vaporizer, the final conclusion can only be made by the smoke-test, only then you can review the flavors. Good weed often has a pungent aroma, while bad weed smells like hay or grass and tastes terrible. Depending on the strain you are smoking weed can have many different flavors. From cheesy aromas to very fruity ones, the flavors are endless. Like wine tasting, there are many different strains and new ones are cross-bred every year. This makes up for new tastes and discoveries every time. 

We hope this was helpful for you to recognize good weed in the future, just by using your own senses.

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