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Cannabis Classics

Cannabis Classics

Mad scientist, ghost cookies, chunky diesel, chocolate fondue, or Kashmir; these aren’t just fancy terms for meals, but they’re classic cannabis strains.

Everyone practically awake and aware knows how cannabis is the modern-day celebrity that everyone needs to get their hands on. In the forthcoming years, cannabis strains might even have their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. At least that’s what their names predict.

Cannabis is an incredibly versatile plant that is cultivated and bred at an unprecedented pace all over the globe. No matter where you put your eye on the historical horizon of cannabis, there are some very legendary iconic strains in the context as gods etched into the legacy of cannabis Sativa.

These strains are biologically and historically rich cornerstones since they offer us a taste into modern history, in which the strains were grafted from their home countries to be bred and perfected amid the era of subculture.

Dutch Classic Weed Strains

Classic and ancient cannabis strains are some greatly prevalent variants. The cannabis seed of old school cannabis strains has been exceedingly noticeable over the last few years. They’ve been thoroughly verified and deemed secure.

  •       White Widow

White Widow remains prominently amid the weed legends. This synthetic cross-breed between the Brazilian Sativa landrace and the South Indian Indica reflects the feel and scent of much of what people know as “classic” cannabis. It has sub-sedative effects and a musky aromatic scent which is the reason why consumers have a preference for it.

  •       Think Big

Sativa evolution comes through with Think Big. The buzz generated by this one is a favorite of consumers who want something more energizing and thought-inducing than anything soothing. Consequences can be very vigorous, which ensures that a fascinating discussion is granted while surrounded by people. The beautiful ballad of flavors delivered by Think Big always brings a unique charm to every intake, providing notes of citrusy flavor and breathtaking aroma.

  •       Auto Cinderella Jack

Auto Cinderella Jack is a potent cannabis strain that originated from 2 classic strains: Jack Herer and Cinderella 99. Being the mix-up of the two it is highly hefty in nature and delivers highs that last longer and better. The perception behind breeding Auto Cinderella Jack was primarily focused on creating a heavy-duty strain for consumers who demand solid effects. 

  •       The Ultimate

The Ultimate is a rich balance of half Indica and Half cannabis breed. The strain has gained profound popularity for its calming and soothing outcomes. IT has been deemed most effective for people with social anxiety. The Ultimate is the consumers’ choice because of its not so dense nature. A heavier alternative for the Ultimate is Auto Ultimate.

  •       Amnesia Haze

After the initial Haze genetics had reached the land years earlier, breeders performed their wonders and developed Amnesia Haze within the Dutch territory. Famous in coffee shops all over Amsterdam, Dutch cultivators still have a special fondness for this strong Sativa species. It has a high THC content of 22 percent and contains wonderful aromatic and tropical terpenes. Its enthusiastic boost moves energy up the notch and tends to leave consumers scrambling for things to do. Moderate CBD levels tend to stabilize the intensity and keep situations from being chaotic.

  •       Fat Banana

Fat Banana is an overall favorite of consumers and growers for its elevating nature and tropical fruitful taste. The particular strain is not only mouth watering but also comforting on the mind. The high values of THC on this one aids to alleviate tension and leaves the consumer feeling meditated. That’s not all; Fat Banana will also lure you to sleep, which is a bonus point for people with insomnia.

  •       Cookies Gelato

The name says it all. Cookies Gelato is a cross-breed Dutch classic strain of parent plants ‘Girl Scout Cookies’ and ‘Gelato 33’. This striking strain is rich with 28 percent THC which tends to leave consumers in a state of ecstasy. Not just that, but the bewildering candy’s fruitful flavors with a note of sweetness are the reason why most consumers develop a preference for Cookies Gelato. Go easy on this one since it will eject you into a serene universe with all that THC. 

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