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Guidelines for in our coffeeshop

Stay cool

We kindly ask your attention for the following house rules to make your visit to our shop for yourself, our employees, our fellow entrepreneurs, and fellow residents as comfortable as possible.

  • No admission under 18 year old.
  • I.D.  required at all times
  • The possession, use or trading of hard drugs is forbidden at all times. 
  • Only Hunter’s bought products may be consumed in the Coffeeshop.
  • Aggression, harassment or discrimination in any form is not allowed in any of our establishments.
    When disrespect towards our customer, visitor or member of our team will lead to removal from our establishment with assistance from the proper authorities.
  • Do not linger or gather in front of the Coffeeshop
  • Any vehicle, bike or motorbike needs to be parked according to local regulations before entering the Coffeeshop.
  • No troublesome behaviour inside or outside the Coffeeshop
  • The Coffeeshop is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to clothing or properties.

By violating of this code of conduct access to the Coffeeshop can be denied. We are also obliged to report this to the relevant authorities.

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