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Tourism in town 

Tourism in town 

Before you enter a coffeeshop as a tourist, make sure you are up to date with the restrictions of the Dutch government. We are helping you out by summing up everything you need to know to have the best experience in town. Due to Covid-19 you are not allowed to stay in the shop. You are able to buy Cannabis and take it with you.

Are you, as a tourist, allowed to get Cannabis?

There are some restrictions to get Cannabis. For starters, you need to be 18+ to enter a shop and buy Cannabis. Showing your ID or passport is mandatory. If you are under 18, you are not allowed in shop. You can buy Cannabis or a pre-rolled joint. You can buy a maximum of 5 grams; more will be illegal.

Be aware, smoking in the coffeeshop is approved; smoking on the streets is not. Especially in the centre of Amsterdam, smoking is prohibited. You might see people/tourist smoking outside the coffeeshop, in parks or along the canals. Officially this is not allowed. When you’re smoking outside, do not smoke on playgrounds, in zoo’s, in the city centre, on schoolyards or near minors. You will get a ticket. At a Hunter’s coffeeshop you’ll find everything that will make your visit to Amsterdam unforgettable.

Where do you smoke?

Be responsible when you smoke. To enjoy your trip as much as you can, you should smoke inside the coffeeshop. Hunter’s has beverages, snacks, games and live sports to make you feel at home. Besides, Hunter’s provides service with a smile, offering the best quality around town, so you have the best experience. Hunter’s is smoker friendly. This means you are able to smoke everything (except Tobacco) inside.

Most coffeeshops have a Cannabis menu. This menu gives you information about the different kinds of Cannabis. Of course there will be a regular menu as well with all kinds of coffee, various juices and brownies. Hunter’s has made its coffeeshop very comfortable for you, so you relax and enjoy the experience.

Do’s and don’ts in the Cannabis world

  • Buy your Cannabis from the coffeeshops, not on the street. Buying in the coffeeshops is tolerated. On the streets it is not.
  • Don’t take other drugs or alcohol with you into the coffeeshop. Coffeeshops may lose their license if these kinds of products are found during an inspection.
  • Don’t drive when you have been using Cannabis. This is illegal. You are able to walk through town, but do not get behind the wheel.

What about the weed card?

The weed card was used in the early days to prevent an over use of Cannabis. This card was only for the Dutch citizens. They were allowed to buy Cannabis in the coffeeshops. The weed card prevented tourists from entering the coffeeshops. Dutch citizens were mandatory to have a membership to proof that they were Dutch. Dutch citizens stopped buying at coffeeshops because they didn’t want to get registered. The result: empty coffeeshops, a decrease of revenue and an increase of illegal trading. Nowadays the weed card has no effect on the tourist regarding legal buying. “Let’s hunt them all”. If you would like to read more about the weed card, read our other article:

Some additional information

Coffeeshops do not have permission to advertise Cannabis or marijuana. You will not find the menu card on the website. Coffeeshops will only sell soft drugs. Note: Buying Cannabis is not legal, but tolerated. Hanging around in our shops without buying something is not tolerated. There are lounges where you are able to smoke, even when you bought your Cannabis somewhere else. But let’s be honest, who want’s to sit somewhere else when you can lounge at Hunter’s.

Did you know a coffeeshop has permission to have only 500 grams in store? Amsterdam will not increase their coffeeshops in the centre city. Only when there is no coffeeshop in the area, new coffeeshops will get a permit. The government would rather have another coffeeshop than illegal street selling, due to the needs of the costumers.

If you are not feeling well there won’t be any reason to panic. When you don’t feel well just sit down for a bit, drink an orange juice or anything with sugar and vitamins. After a while you will feel better. Keep in mind that your body (normally) is not used to Cannabis, so do not smoke too much at once.

Your ultimate holiday in Amsterdam

Planning a trip? Go to Amsterdam. It is a lovely historical city! There are a lot of restaurants, sights, shopping areas and entertainment venues. Be aware of very crowded places, like the red light district. Pickpockets are active around these areas.

And if you want to smoke during you stay, just keep this in mind:

  1. You must be 18+
  2. You should have an ID or passport
  3. You are able to get a maximum of 5 grams
  4. You should smoke in the coffeeshops
  5. Only use drinks and snacks from the coffeeshop
  6. Don’t use Cannabis with other drugs or alcohol
  7. Don’t drive and use Cannabis.

Let’s make an unforgettable experience at Hunter’s. For more insights about Cannabis go to:

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