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Different cannabis food ideas

Different cannabis food ideas

Rising awareness about the health benefits of cannabis has given a surge to the demand for cannabis edibles. Resultantly, the trend of infusing more and more recipes with cannabis is rising. Where some people prefer to consume their daily dose of cannabis by just buying the available edibles from dispensaries, others like to have it in a more creative and lavish manner by inducing tints of it in their favorite foods.

Contrary to the popular belief that cannabis is taken to induce euphoria, most modern-day health fanatics take a calculated quantity of cannabis foods to keep a healthy metabolism, maintain blood sugar levels, avoid headaches, pains and lethargy and maintain healthy body weight.

Before we jump on to some popular ways of making cannabis foods, it is imperative to know that most such recipes contain the amount of cannabis that does not induce ecstasy, rather, it just accrues the essential health benefits of it.

Baked foods

Since cannabis is soluble in oil, it is one of the most convenient ways to mix it in melted butter or oil before adding it to your batter. You can have your delicious cannabis-induced brownies and cakes without any added hassle. Though cannabis butter is available in the market – in states where it is legal of course – and you can use it as per your convenience, a more recommended way is to make your cannabis butter yourself as it would lead to a softer sponge. You can also make your regular cookies with tints of cannabis. Be it chocolate chips or nuts, add anything to your regular cookie dough made with cannabis butter, and enjoy your daily dose in a delicious manner. 

Baked foods are not only confined to sweet sugary foods. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you can have your baked cannabis foods in the form of pizzas, kinds of pasta, and lasagna. Just follow your regular recipes and add tints of cannabis to oil, butter, or milk in the recipe.

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Taking cannabis in the form of drinks is also common and is a preferred way by many since drinking cannabis yields its effect sooner than eating it. Ready to drink cannabis beverages are available in the market where hot beverages like tea and coffee can also be readily induced with cannabis. You mostly need liquid cannabis extract to add to your drinks. It dissolves easily in hot and cold beverages alike. You can consume your prescribed daily dose of cannabis by adding it to any of your regular beverages. For people who don’t like the taste of cannabis, tasteless and odorless cannabis powder can be effectively used in smoothies, shakes, juices, and teas to reap its benefits without spoiling the taste of the drink.

Chewable gummies

Making chewable cannabis gummies is a great idea in a way that you don’t have to interfere with your other food routines and can have a more calculated amount of cannabis every day as compared to other foods. There are several ways of making chewable cannabis edibles. One of the simplest ways is to make sweet sugar syrups or use fruit juices, add gelatin and the required dose of cannabis, and simply freeze them in silicone molds. You can chew your cannabis gummies while walking, driving, or doing any other chore. Furthermore, making chewable gummies would be a one-time effort. Once you have made a number of gummies, you are good to go a few weeks without worrying about your daily cannabis dose.

Summing up

Though there are several ways to make cannabis foods and drinks at home, it is important to calculate the amount of cannabis that is healthy to be consumed every day. Like every other herb, cannabis has an optimal dose level and it is important to consider that level to reap maximum benefits of it.

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