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A day in a shop

A day in a shop

For more than 40 years the coffee shops of Amsterdam are world-famous. Tourists, actors, musicians, etc. all come to Amsterdam to smoke some high-quality marijuana. In Amsterdam, there are many shops and even more regular guests. Not all guests have the same habits when it comes to smoking weed and their trips to the shops. In this article, we’ll break down what a day in a hunters shop is like, and which different guests we are honored to serve.

Morning guests

Some of the guests love to start their day at Hunter’s (which we totally understand) these are people who firstly enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Our morning guests are a mix of people who are free from work or work at Hunter’s. Some of them even bring a laptop and get some work done. Who says you can’t enjoy a good strain of Sativa and be productive? And that’s exactly what some of our morning guests do. Starting their day with some delicious coffee and herbs. Most of the people who come in the morning and stay for a few hours are regulars of Hunter’s.

Tip: Try to avoid Indicas with high percentages of CBD in the morning, this may get you in a couch-lock. A nice Sativa strain will make you more energetic. for more information about Sativa and Indica read our blog.

Day guests

A great deal of our visitors enjoys a visit to Hunter’s between 01-06 PM. Our day-guests, mainly are tourists and regulars who enjoy a day in our shops. The guests come in and order their favorite strains of weed or hash, and roll a joint to kick off their relaxing stay. The day guests are the ones that spend the most time in a Hunter’s shop or bar. At Hunter’s our day guests have a variety of activities which they do. Most of the guests enjoy some time with friends while, getting high on the best weed that Amsterdam has to offer. While good company is important wherever you are, at Hunter’s our day guests don’t get bored. Our guests love playing board games, watching a good sports game on the TV, or listen to lovely music. Most of them spend hours at the shops and leave to continue their day when the munchies really kick in.

Night guests

In the night, Amsterdam lights up and has a different kind of beauty. The night guests are mostly the ones who usually come after a long day of work, and just need some relaxation. In the evenings and nights, our guests really come to blow off some steam.
And what better way to do that, than smoking some weed?

Takeout visitors

Of course, there are also visitors who like smoking their cannabis at home. They just visit Hunter’s for takeout. Our takeout visitors come and go throughout the whole day. In the evenings it’s somewhat busier due to the fact that most of them are returning customers, who also work during the day.

We hope you enjoyed our blog about the different kinds of visitors of Hunter’s. No matter what your personal habits are, or which kind of guest you are, here at Hunter’s we welcome all cannabis enthusiasts with love.

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