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Amsterdam is known for its coffee shops. Hunter’s Coffee Shop started in 1985, next to the Central Station and the Red Light district. It started as a coffee shop, but now it is also a bar in Amsterdam. At our coffeeshop Amsterdam we offer sensationally good coffee in a place where you can relax and enjoy good music.

Coffeeshop bar Amsterdam

Hunter’s coffeeshop Amsterdam is besides a coffee shop, also a music bar. This coffeeshop bar combination gives you the chance to enjoy music in Amsterdam and to try our delicious drinks. Our music bar in Amsterdam is smoker friendly; you may smoke everything except tobacco. You will find our coffeeshop bars in the city center of Amsterdam near the Red Light district and along the highway in Amsterdam North. Whenever you would like to have really good coffee or a delicious other drink, the coffeeshop bar of Hunter’s is the place to be. The complete ambiance of our coffee shop and music bar creates a quality experiences in Amsterdam. Hunter’s coffeeshop Amsterdam is the place where like-minded folks get together to enjoy the music, DJs and divine drinks. Don’t hesitate and stop by at our bar in Amsterdam!

Live music Amsterdam

Hunter’s coffeeshop Amsterdam is a place to enjoy delicious products while listening to live music in Amsterdam. Popular DJs create a nice atmosphere in the coffee shop. This makes the Hunter’s Coffee Shop in Amsterdam the ideal place to party and relax when coming to the city. In our coffee shop and music bar we have our famous bar crawl babes. They create the perfect vibe while listening to our live music in Amsterdam. The combination of the music bar and the bar crawl babes make Hunter’s Coffee Shop and bar to a perfect place for relaxation and enjoyment. Whenever you want to escape from the crowded city center, stop by and relax in our coffeeshop bar. At Hunter’s coffeeshop Amsterdam, you’ll find everything that will make your visit to Amsterdam unforgettable.

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Coffeeshop Amsterdam

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What people say about this place

“All staff were friendly and entertaining. Open till late and we spent plenty of time savouring the delights of Amsterdam.”

“Excellent place to chill and have a good time. Friendly staff and amazing food & drinks”

“Had a great time in the Hunters bar ! Well worth a visit . Friendly and wellcoming . Nice pint as well ..”

Amsterdam beach party

After a beautiful day at the beach the sun goes down and it is time to party! Our coffeeshop Zandvoort is the place to enjoy an Amsterdam beach party. All the beach bars will have their own vibe with great music. Hunter’s Coffee Shop and bars with music are a great place to celebrate. Our famous bar crawl babes of coffeeshop Zandvoort will make your experience even more enjoyable when visiting an Amsterdam beach party. The Bar Babes of Hunter’s Coffeeshop Zandvoort will make you your favourite drinks and play your favourite songs. The DJ will create a great party vibe at the beach. Everything at our coffeeshop in Zandvoort will guarantee that you will have the best time. Let this Amsterdam beach party begin!

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Cannabis education

At Hunter’s, we believe firmly in Cannabis Education. As our valued customer, we want you to be aware of the effects of cannabis and the potential risks involved in using our cannabis products. This ensures maximum enjoyment for those who want to use cannabis, and a clear means of deciding which specific product you should choose.

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We have 3 bars and 6 coffeeshops located in the Centre, North & West of Amsterdam, Zandvoort and Haarlem.
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