31ˢᵗ Dutch Grand Prix 2021

The racing event that motorsport fans around the world have been waiting for will take place in 2021 in Netherlands.

It will have all the drama a motorsport fan could ask for in a tournament. From high- speed car chases to breathtaking turns of event.

For all the fans who have been waiting to learn more about Dutch Grand Prix 2021,here is an article you should read.

Zandvoort – History and it’s Redevelopment

It began in the 1930s, with minor races on a circuit made out of streets. Then Germans invaded the Netherlands. However, the locals and mayor of Zandvoort
convinced the Germans to construct a road that they could use to exhibit their victory parades after winning.

The same road was then used as a route to access coastal defense positions.

Soon after the war, these roads were reconstructed for the purpose of linking them together and creating one of the most fascinating racing circuits in the world.

Now, in 2021, Zandvoort has been highly modified after the track was announced for the 2020 Formula One Calendar.

So, you can say that this town has a very long history with Grand Prix. With being the circuit for decades to being out of the Grand Prix calendar and then back again.

Legends like Jody Scheckter, Ayrton Senna, James Hunt, and Mario Andretti have all been a part of this town’s circuit legacy.

Electrifying Event of the Year

The news of the return of Formula 1 racing after 36 years is sure to be a treat for motorsport lovers.

After seeing so many ups and downs in the sport, it is obvious that locals have a strong sentimental affection towards the event. Not to mention, the great enthusiasm with which they tend to follow the sport.

Zandvoort is considered one of the most beautiful tracks in the world by many drivers. Heineken will be the sponsor of the entire event, as the 31 st season of Dutch Grand Prix is all set to get on track.

Dutch Grand Prix does not only fascinate the locals but also serves as a great way of attracting tourism to the country. In fact, feedback the Mayor of Zandvoort received from the local people was the sole reason for the track being redeveloped.

Best Things About the Zandvoort Circuit

The best part about this circuit is the dunes the cars pass through. It has a Tarzan bend that follows after the start and right after comes the Hugenholtz bend. The blind Scheivlak and the fast Arie Luyendyk will put the participating drivers to the test.

These bends and sharp turns make it nearly impossible for the drivers to overtake one another – making Formula 1 a thrilling contest for the participants as well as the spectators.

Even though most Formula 1 drivers are familiar with the track, the sharp turns are a factor they never seem to overcome.

Contenders for the Dutch Grand Prix 2021

Fiery teams that are going to be a part of the Formula One Championship Tournament include; Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen with Ferrari 065/6, Scuderia Alpha
Tauri Honda with Honda RA621H,, Alpine F1 Team with Renault E-Tech 20B, Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team with Mercedes-AMG F1 M12, Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow with Ferrari 065/6, Uralkali Hass F1 Team with Ferrari 065/6, McLaren F1 Team with Mercedes-AMG F1 M12, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team with Mercedes-AMG F1 M12, Red Bull Racing Honda with Honda RA621H and Williams Racing with Mercedes-AMG F1 M12 unit.

All in all, Grand Prix 2021 happening in the dunes of Holland is an event that will make millions of fans around the world sit in front of screens and see their favorite cars accelerate away.

One turn can change the fate of the team and the driver while one wrong move can take away the winning title. It’s all about who proves themself on the circuit at a speed when almost everything is a blur accept the path in front of you.